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UK - National Birthday Celebrations 2023

The 98th birthday celebration of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in Sandbach, Cheshire, united devotees from across the UK for a vibrant event brimming with music, drama, discussions, and, of course, cake! Highlights included a stirring drama by Bal Vikas children, illustrating Swami's teachings on life's challenges. Guest speaker Brother Jagdish Chandra Saraswatula emphasized the importance of deep yearning to grasp Swami's teachings and break free from the cycle of birth. Surprise visits from Jesus and Hanuman imparted crucial lessons on faith. Updates on UK service projects and a generous food donation to Sandbach's Food Bank added depth to the day. The afternoon featured melodious performances and a compelling panel discussion on the UK Pilgrimage experiences, culminating in a heartfelt tribute, bhajans, and aarti, marking the conclusion of a spiritually enriching gathering.


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