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UK - Region 2&7 Tree Planting

On Saturday 9th December, devotees from Region 2 joined with Region 7 to plant trees in Chippenham, Wiltshire. After being greeted upon arrival by the kind members of Avon Needs Trees, everyone was booted up and ready to start planting. With Swami’s grace, no sooner than we started planting, the weather cleared up and the clouds parted to reveal blue skies and beautiful weather. The fields were muddy and wet, but all the devotees rolled up their sleeves to get stuck in, working hard in teams of three to dig and plant the trees and cover them with mulch to provide the new saplings with nutrition. By the end of the day, 125 trees had been planted and, thanks to the devotees from Region 7, we were treated to hot tea and coffee at lunch, along with many homemade treats. It was a physical experience, but a highly rewarding one and there will be many more to come in 2024.

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