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Visit to Tamil Nadu by the Managing Trustee of Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust, Sri RJ Ratnakar | Day 3

Loving Sai Ram and Greetings from Prasanthi Nilayam.

Bhagawan had mentioned many a times in HIS Discourses that the real culture of Bharat existed in its villages.

The entourage moved to Seerkazhi Village on Day 3 where Sri RJ Rathnakar inaugurated 5 Bhajan Mandalis. They conducted the Vastradaan Program i.e. Distributing sarees and dhotis to the inhabitants. In the afternoon he visited all the 5 Bhajan Mandalis and took part in bhajans. Lauding the Bal Vikas Gurus and Mahilas for their untiring efforts in bringing up the children and women folk, Sri RJ Rathnakar appreciated their selfless service activities done in their area.

The entourage later moved to Theevu Village where a traditional welcome was given with Poorna Kumbham amidst bhajans and vedam in a procession. The troop participated in Pallaki Seva walking through the streets greeting the villagers and children. It was heartening to note that the villagers had put colourful rangolis for the entire stretch of 2KM.

The group later moved to Thirunagari Village where Sri RJ Rathnakar interacted with the householders and devotees commending their dedication to Swami. Taking references from Swami's Discourses, he said how one should keep the heart as clean as mirror so as to reflect GOD in it.

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