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Fiji - Water for Life : 10,000 litre drinking water tank brings much needed relief to Fiji School

Shri AD Patel Memorial Primary School in Fiji is situated in the rural outskirts of Nadi, the main tourism hub in Fiji. The school has about 600 children who come from the nearing villages around the school and 30 staff members.

Earlier this year, the main water supply was disrupted for about 3 months and the school had intermittent drinking water. Children attending the school had to bring their own water in disposable water bottles.

Our Fijian Organisation in collaboration with members of Sai Centre of Navo (our local Sai Centre), Sai Centre of Mt. Wellington in New Zealand and Sai Organisation of Australia installed a 10,000 water tank which now provides clean drinking water for children and staff now under a new "Water for Life" community service initiative launched by SSSGC Zone 3.

The principal and management of the school was very appreciative and grateful to all members for their generosity and love in providing clean drinking water to the school.


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