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Zone 3 - Prasanthi Pilgrimage : Our Journey Home (22 - 29 December)

With Swami's Divine Infinite Grace and Blessings, in less than 2 weeks, over 300 pilgrims will be on their Journey Home to Prasanthi for the first-ever zonal Prasanthi Pilgrimage for Zone 3 members. The pilgrims include SSE children, young adults and adults from across the Zone.

Pilgrims will begin arriving in Prasanthi from next week for this once in a lifetime momentous opportunity. The pilgrims are grateful to Swami and the Trustees of the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust for giving their blessings for this pilgrimage. The pilgrims will be participating in a number of programs during the pilgrimage including twice daily darshan of our Sweet Mother SAI.

They will also participate in special offerings on 25 - 27 December which includes Christmas Carols singing, vedam chanting, bhajans, drama by our SSE children and musical offerings. Other programs will include evening satsangs, excursions and workshops. The Pilgrims are all looking forward to being in Prasanthi shortly with the rest of the Global Sai Family for a glorious & divine December.


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