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Kuwait - Swami's Birthday Celebrations

November 6th - Blood Donation Camp

By Bhagawan's Grace and Blessings; the Seva Team of Kuwait organized a Mass Blood Donation Camp held at Central Blood Bank on Friday, 5th November 2021 went off very well with 68 participants and 48 successful donors and with a total of 17 volunteers.

November 12th - Online cultural Programme by Shanti Day Care Center (SDCC) of SSSOO-Kuwait

As part of 96th Birthday Celebration of our dearest Bhagawan, an act of gratitude was offered at HIS Lotus Feet by the Angels of SDCC and the Volunteers with the theme “Let Us Shine”.

Truly, the Angels sparkled with grace and confidence. Beginning with a loving prayer by the Angels, the program showcased the life skills of each one of them, closing with a melodious musical offering of Gratitude (“Sukrana”) to our dearest Mother Sai during the forty-five minute program.

It was a moment of pride and joy not just for the current volunteers but also for the ones who rendered selfless services in the past. The program echoed a wider audience with ninety-three participants and parents joining virtually. The satisfaction from each of them was reflected in the hundred plus messages.

November 16th & 23rd – Music Therapy

As part of 96th Birthday Celebration, with Bhagwan’s immense grace Music Therapy sessions were carried out on November 16th and 23rd to the angels of Kuwait Handicap Society. On November 16th we had a total of 5 volunteers. Also, on 23rd a cake cutting session was arranged to celebrate Bhagwan’s birthday with a total of 8 volunteers. Nursery rhymes and birthday songs were sung to the children, which they thoroughly enjoyed. After conclusion of the same cake cutting ceremony was held.

November 19th – Mahila Seva

As part of 96th Birthday Celebration of our dearest Bhagawanthe Mahila wing took up the seva activity of distributing 96 Blankets and Dry Ration Kits to the mahila inmates of the camp in Mahaboula area .Homemade ladoos were also distributed to these mahilas.

November 23rd – Birthday Celebrations & Cake Cutting

On the Holy occasion of Celebrating 96th Birthday of Bhagawan, with Swami's grace and blessings, SSSOO, Kuwait celebrated an online programme. Started with a welcome song, followed by Veda Parayanam, soulful bhajans, Blissfull Divine message of our Dear Lord , Cake cutting session with our Pre-SSE childrenand SDCC children, Jhoola Darshan and closing prayers. The overall online program was joyous and participants could feel the Divine vibrations.


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