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Zone1-Free Vision Care Day by Raleigh Sai Centre, USA

A free vision care day event was organized by Raleigh Sai Centre with Good Samaritan Baptist Church on March 18th, 2023.

The event's objective was to provide free vision services to those who need it but have limited means or opportunity to receive them, packaged with love and smiles. The whole event was well organized and provided a platform to better reach the vulnerable population from diverse backgrounds who are in dire need of this type of service. Below are some statistics from the event.

● Out of the total 28 visitors seen, 27 received eye prescriptions.

● 11 of them got eyeglasses onsite.

● Another 15 will be filled through purchases from an online retailer - at no cost to the visitors

● 1 pair of reading glasses were dispensed onsite.

Vision Care Day Mar2023 Report
Download DOCX • 3.27MB


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